Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised


Many of us have pondered the real meanings of our existence, where did we come from, how did life begin, when will it end and what exactly is infinite life? To find the answers to those questions, we must reconcile our minds with the truth as determined by scientific facts, logic, and common sense.

Existence of life and all things known must have a source. According to science, that source is unknown. The source has been predicted to exist before the BIG BANG. Scientifically that source is referred to as Initial singularity. Referenced from Wikipedia, subject; Initial singularity, dated 26 December 2020 at 23:56 (UTC). The author believes using + – energy opposites mixed (coalesced), resulted in existence of the initial singularity, atoms, as described in the next paragraph.

BEFORE ANYTHING THERE WAS NOTHING. Only infinite black voids of unlimited lifeless empty space. It is doubtful if we will ever know exactly when or how we originated. In this hypothesis, it is believed prior to life, FROM AN UNKOWN SOURCE, (BELIEVED BY THE AUTHOR TO BE OUR “CREATOR”) “SUBLIMINAL ESSENCE OF +POSITIVE AND -NEGATIVE OPPOSITES”, (ENERGY OPPOSITES) CAME INTO EXISTENCE, CULMINATED, JOINED, HIGH INTENSITY COALESCED, (MIXED) >[OPPOSITES ATTRACT], TRANSFORMING INTO ATOMS, EACH ATOM HAVING VARYING INHERENT CONTRASTING +POSITIVE AND -NEGATIVE VALUES. THE ATOMS, CONTINOUSLY COMBINED AND FORMED INTO A HUGE SPHERICAL MASS, WHICH BY THEN HAD WEIGHT, MASS, AND GRAVITY, EXPLODES FROM ITS’ OWN WEIGHT (IMPLOSION). THAT” EXPLOSION WAS THE FIRST “BIG BANG” IN OUR UNIVERSE. HYPOTHETICALLY, ENERGY OPPOSITES WERE TRILLIONS OF TIMES SMALLER THAN ONE NEUTRINO, (ONE NEUTRINO IS A BILLION TIMES SMALLER THAN ONE ATOM). See page 10. Initially (after the first “BIG BANG”), atoms were the natural reason (catalyst) for causing consecutive “BIG BANGS” because residual remnants from particles traveling forward from the first “BIG BANG” to the second “BIG BANG” provide an equal and opposite path for particles returning to their origins, more on next page. “BIG BANGS” will follow geodesics curvature in our near empty universe after the first “BIG BANG” and all the succeeding “BIG BANGS” that come afterwards. See reference from Wikipedia, subject; General Relativity, dated 4 February 2022 02:09. For related information refer to page 16. The spherical mass continues to grow from its ever increasing supply of atoms, growing into an even larger spherical mass, exceeding its own maximum spherical weight boundaries and explodes.

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised
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