Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised


This hypothesis, (an unproven theory), was written by myself, a person interested in determining where we came from and what will eventually happen to us. It relates directly to the fundamental principles, accomplishments and proven theories from some of the greatest, respected and eminent scientists that ever lived. It is the gathering and combining of the most prominent of those theories and is intended to go beyond their achievements providing for how and if their findings can work together in a close, collective relationship using advances in today’s latest sciences, technologies, to see if it can be determined how life may develop throughout the universe infinitely by using atoms1, 2, 3 and light curvature to spread the atoms throughout the universe infinitely by perpetual “Big Bangs”.

Our Universe did not just “happen”. It was created and designed. It is composed from atoms. Atoms are the fundamental composition of all life. In common sense terms, this hypothesis conveys to the average person the reason for life and its endless continuation throughout the universe.

We should always look for the truth and define questions of depth regarding the past, present and future of our lives and not become complacent and summarily accept hearsay as fact for what we want and expect with what we hope to get as the correct choice. It directly answers questions of why atoms exist, why they are so small (see page 9) and why the universe is so big (see page 21). It explains the purpose of how and the reason for gravity, dark matter, dark energy, electromagnetism, light curvature and the photoelectric effect all work together for the propagation and infinite continuation of life, and helps to define what does infinite continuation of life mean and how can that be possible?

Some parts of this hypothesis are unknown or unproven. Most of the unproven parts will be a challenge to an impossibility to prove, but proving any one of those theories may be a monumental help for times to come.

Scientists of the proven theories that have been used are credited with references for their accomplishments.

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised
2003 - 2024 Goffrey V. Wolfe