Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised


That hypothesis MAY account for as to how our universe is rapidly expanding, accelerating as it is increasing the light speeds faster than the imagination can comprehend, literally illuminates its past presence with life. Because the universe is so large and the incremental double speeding of the increasingly rapid expansion of our universe will make future predictions of the initial time of universal conception and the previous number of “Big Bangs” since, difficult to predict, (see pages 30 & 31). Aggressive development in science may foretell the answer to that significant question.

While these things are going on in deep space, on our planet earth, life continues as usual. Whales swim in the oceans, cows graze in green pastures, students play violins for their teachers, all unaware of the changes that will happen soon. Finally, after billions of years between “Big Bangs”, the latest “Big Bang” occurs. It will be many times faster than the speed of light (see previous page 32)….encompassing our entire universe. On our earth, all life will be over in an instant. At this moment however, all the planets, stars and everything in the entire universe are swiftly moving along, (faster than the speed of light, see preceding page) our earth will be sucked up in the swirls and pressures of that vortex , explosive mix and heat from the “Big Bang” and completely dismantle all atoms from all types of life past and present into subatomic particles. After the “Big Bang,” it will be an end to all life and everything in the universe. Ourselves, the teachers, students, cows, and whales will cease to exist and a record will not be available as proof anything ever did exist. Now their dismantled atoms (subatomic particles) are on their way, traveling along their great curvilinear journeys, returning … to the starting points they left billions of years earlier. Once there, they will recombine, formulate and eventually new life will reemerge. Please see “Big Bangs” pages 24 through 28. From the moment of their dismantling through their recombining into new life, to them no time will be lost because they are not aware or conscious. That pattern of life exists and will continue infinitely.

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised
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