Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised


From the first “Big Bang” and afterwards the enormous atomic explosion that hurls atoms, light photons and clumps into space and the empty universe may eventually formulate into DNA and life. How many times has this happened previously? (see “CURVATURE OF LIGHT – Free Particles”). When measured mathematically, the arc of the travel of light, the photons and atoms combined with their speeds, scientists can determine the time they will need to complete their curvilinear journeys. By calculating both the time used by the actual “Big Bang” and the time employed by light and atoms to complete their circles since the previous “Big Bang”, the mystery as to just when the next “Big Bang” may be resolved (see page 33, 1st paragraph). Further, by concluding the age of quarks, time used by the actual “Big Bang” and their frequency intervals are known, not only could the initial time of the “universal conception” be predicted but the number of “Big Bangs” since and the next to come then could be predicted as well.

Some of the information from the previous statement (age of quarks, and frequency interval of “Big Bangs”) seems so far removed from today’s cosmological science, but we are at the infancy stage of that endeavor. Scientists are progressing cautiously, deliberately and optimistically. Because of the extreme cost of research, complicated technology issues and importance of positive results scientists can only go forward as conditions permit.

In the distant future, studies of our struggles with that primitive scientific research, will be in the historical archives of our past.

After each “Big Bang” when the universe is fresh with a great abundance of atoms and light photons that eventually enrich the empty universe with atoms and photons, it is possible, if the conditions are perfect with the presence of DNA, life may develop – conditions permitting.

After eons of time, the universe, with its light photons and atoms still traveling from the force of the pressure of the “Big Bang”56 and the electromagnetic radiation force carriers – (gauge bosons) propel the photons and atoms to 186,000 miles per second (MPS).31C 56A

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised
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