Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised


Many people do not believe the concept of the “Big Bang” theory or that it ever happened. For many years some scientists were looking for any proof as to where everything in the universe came from, other than what was then accepted by most scientists, which was the theory of “Steady State”. The theory of “Steady State” provides that the universe had always existed and would continue to exist without noticeable change.43 Most scientist were unhappy with that explanation and wished for a more suitable answer. They wanted some type of indicator that could reasonably portray the justification why the universe is the way it is. They wanted a “smoking gun.” Then in 1964, by accident, while looking for something else, physicist Dr. Arno Penzias and physicist Dr. Robert Wilson unexpectedly discovered cosmic microwave background radiation. This was a direct link to the “Big Bang”. That definitely established the “Big Bang” had occurred.44 Today, confirmation of the occurrence of the “Big Bang” can be witnessed by watching the television screen. About 1% of the flickering specks in the static of a TV screen are initiated by waves of cosmic microwave background radiation from the moment “Big Bang” happened and provide a strong pillar of evidence for the “Big Bang” theory.45 (please see page 29, BROADCASTING ATOMS & TIME TRAVEL). On January 30, 2001, NASA reported that moon dust smells like burnt gunpowder.46 The significance of that discovery is yet to be determined.

The universe functions perfectly according to the way it was designed, to renew and continue life endlessly by providing for the propagation of all life species and to be capable of sustaining them infinitely. That is accomplished by an endless series of “Big Bangs” or a continuous chain of “Big Bangs”. There have been many “Big Bangs” since the first one. That has been Billions of years or even trillions of years or more since the beginning. Time between “Big Bang “ events could last billions of years. Presently, it’s been over 13 billion years since our last “Big Bang” that we are still a part of. We do not know when the next “Big Bang” will occur. It’s unknown how long time/ life existed after the previous “Big Bang ”….before the “Big Bang” we are in now or how long time will last from present day before the next “Big Bang”. Because of the vast distances of open space in our huge universe, atoms, curvature of light and “Big Bangs” all work together to make life/time possible and infinitely unlimited. The author submits the idea that “Big Bang” intervals are the pulse and the rhythm of the universe and ongoing life.

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised
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