Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised


Black holes are a natural way to keep outer space clean and promote life. Throughout our universe heat and cold react the SAME; HEAT EXPANDS – COLD CONTRACTS. In outer space when a star dies – its intense heat goes extremely cold. The sudden loss of heat contracts (CAUSES CONTRACTION), creating a very strong vacuum or a black hole – so strong it attracts everything surrounding it – even light, (hence the name – black hole). Sizes of black holes vary. They can be small, 3.8 times the mass of our sun,19B to enormous gigantic size 10 – 40 billions of times the mass of our sun.19C Our Milky Way Galaxy is an ongoing black hole. Planet earth and all the planets in our solar system (including our sun) are on the fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy is an average galaxy. Galaxies form out of immense clouds of gas https://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/science/featured_science/. The author postulates that all galaxies are formed by the vacuum (suction) created by the sudden death of a star. The black hole resulting from sudden loss of extreme heat to intense cold from the dead star generates the ensuing vacuum, dismantling the star, sucking huge amounts of everything within the star and it’s surroundings. The Milky way galaxy will continue working as a black hole until temperatures within the black hole adjust to surroundings.

In outer space, the vacuuming is continuous because there is nothing to stop it. High speed action of vacuuming creates an intense coalescence of atoms, cells and space debris, dismantling them and releasing them to the voids of outer space.19D The author believes any remaining particles of black holes recycles during the next “Big “Bang”. Further the author compares the similar physics of black holes to that of the canning process and preservation of our food. As an example during the canning process while still hot, the food is put into a hot jar. A sealing lid is put on the jar and tightened, sealing the hot food in the jar. When the food and jar cools it creates a vacuum. The bottom of the jar (barrier) MAINTAINS SUCTION holding the lid down, keeping the jar vacuum – preserving the food. Unlike the canning process, in outer space, there is no barrier to stop the vacuuming therefore when the heat suddenly dies creating an extreme contraction (black hole), high intensity coalesce dismantling the atoms of the heated substances from the object of burned out stars into subatomic particles emitting them into empty space. that action will continue until those heated substances are the same temperature or equalized to the surrounding space, then stops. Black holes keep outer space clean by removing burned out stars, adding more room. The above description of black holes is an over simplification. There are many types of black holes but it is hypothesized by the author the primary reason they exist is to keep outer space clear of debris, helping to promote life.

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised
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