Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised


Does the perpetual existence of the physical birth of each man, throughout the occurrence of endless “Big Bangs” fulfill our expectations of infinite life, or is it possible at the end of a physical life an infinite spiritual life will follow? That is a very important question for all of us. It is a new approach, complex and may be difficult to accept. Though I don’t know the answer, I don’t know anyone that does, but there are two replies to the question. The first reply to the question is that it is a worldwide issue. Many individuals have their personal traditional beliefs, which are unproven but, they are satisfied with them and the majority of those persons are not interested in changing their beliefs. Structured socialized camaraderie in faith is a good thing. It prevents wars, promotes peace, harmony, and life in our world. The second reply to the question is; everything that exists is a result of cause to be by natural selection between + positive and – negative opposites, their composition of life’s creations with relative contrasting confident + positive and – negative values, that intrinsically create conscience (empathy) in animal life and conscious in plant life (survival awareness). The absolute supreme structures of the atoms accommodating constant changing life types compatibilities in our flawless, perfect evolving universe, may follow the path of light as related in this hypothesis.

Is a combination of both the first and second replies correct? Our creator knows the answer to this very special question.

Presently no special scientific research has determined how our life with a conscience and soul or plant life with survival conscious originated. Our creator left some clues that may guide us but it is doubtful we will ever have success in making a positive determination of our origins. We definitely want to know how our lives started and have discovered many secrets of atoms and the use of them. Looking ahead into our future, we may eventually find a way to conquer unlimited energy supply from nuclear fusion, extreme fast space travel, astroid avoidance, successful large-scale ocean water purification program, and developing extensive multiple, wide-ranging high capacity water purification facilities, capable of returning waste water into clean potable drinking water at production centers strategically located throughout our world. With those wonderful things, it’s unknown if we will ever be able to reach back into the creation of our universe to find how our life originated. If previous or continuous “Big Bangs” existed as mentioned earlier in this hypothesis, our speculation that “Big Bangs“ occurred because “Double Speeding”(see page # 31) of light photons could undermine our ability to determine our origins. Multi “Double Speeding” time differentials increasing the possibility Infinite “Big Bangs” would greatly diminish our attempts to track the precise time and location of our beginnings to observe and record how our creator originated life. We have the innate driving force and beneficial discovery but we must consider that even if we did find our origin’s location, there is nothing we can do to make anything better than what we presently have. Our creator gave us all the tools, abilities, hope, and hunger to use our knowledge to accomplish whatever we will need to answer all the challenges necessary to maintain any eventuality for our life and survival. Use of astrophysics, cosmological sciences, artificial intelligence, new metals able to withstand extreme temperatures, new medicines, technologies, lubricants, and fuels can be directly or indirectly attributed to the pursuit of space exploration to determine our origins.

In this hypothesis If future successful advances in Cosmological sciences and Astrophysics made it possible to successfully enter into the area of our very beginnings searching for our origins no image of GOD our creator would exist. The visitors would only see from an unknown source an infinite supply of naturally occurring +positive and – negative energy opposites coalescing for atoms to make life. For more information on our origins please review INTRODUCTION pages # 4 through 7.

A very thin line exists between facts and faiths. Life is incredibly perfect and precious. Its existence, reasons and commitments are INFINITE.

With the things we want and expect we must be realistic, honest and condition our hopes with truth and gratitude and give thanks to our creator we exist.

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised
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