Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised


Because we are using our intelligence, inquisitiveness, tenacity and the drive to solve questions of the origin of life, we will always put forth every effort it takes to find it. Scientists continuously examine and closely decipher every detail of anything that may have a clue to find the answer to our beginnings. In 1868-69 Dr. Johann Miescher, a Swiss biologist, working in a laboratory in Germany isolated a substance from the pus of hospital bandages.20 The substance came from the cell’s nuclei – he named it nuclein. He did not know what it was or if it was important. After further research its function remained unknown. In 1943 Dr. Erwin Schrodinger believed there was a connection in some type of pattern or code script within nuclein but because he was a theoretical physicist had to depend on the findings of other scientists for the answers. Dr. Schrodinger authored two (2) books, “What is Life?”21 written in 1944, and “Chemical Bonds” 22 written in 1950. The books, because of his stature as a prominent scientist and the books’ relevancy to science, stimulated fellow scientists, positively inspiring their performances. In 1953 Dr. James Watson,23 Dr. Francis Crick24 with the help of Dr. Rosalind Franklin25 found the answer to the connections. It was isolated from a molecule of Calf’s thymus. It was nuclein, the similar substance discovered by Dr. Miescher in 1868-69. From it they had discovered the genetic secret of all of life. It was absolutely one of the greatest discoveries in all of science. The name was later changed from nuclein to Deoxyribonucleic Acid26 to DNA. DNA increasingly continues to help man in countless ways in life, health and well being. Its everyday benefits and applications are endless. Atoms are the building blocks for DNA.27 DNA is the genetic blueprint and building block for all Life – both plants and animals. It is believed that life comes into existence according to environment, necessity, and ability to survive. The DNA for both plants and animals are made from only four (4) different DNA chemical blocks called nucleotides.

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe and Infinite Life Revised
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